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Insight into the genesis of my career and some behind the scenes shots from my website photoshoot.

Deciding to quit your job and start to work for yourself is a dream that so many people have. However, the thought of making it a reality can seem more like one of those nightmares where you jump off a cliff and keep falling until you finally wake up breathing heavily and covered in sweat.  For me, I sat on the edge of that cliff for a long time wondering what the leap would be like and if I would fall or fly.  I spent so much time planning and building what I would equate to an aircraft around myself to ensure that things would go well and that the right clients would come.  But through conversations with a dear friend and a few great TED Talks, my perspective was totally shifted.   The real way for me to be impactful and to find my place in this amazing event planning industry is to constantly embody and share WHY I wanted to take the leap in the first place. 

…because details matter

The greatest joy that I have while planning an event is the reaction of loved ones, friends, colleagues, and now clients when they finally see the end result and appreciate how specific, detailed and personalized the event was.  My passion is to create a fresh experience that makes each client feel like they were listened to and understood. While some may feel lost or overwhelmed by the all the minutia and seemingly endless list of details, I thrive when I can bring calm and ease to a planning process by paying close attention and anticipating needs.  I get so much joy from creating an experience for my clients that not only meets their initial vision, but exceeds even their highest expectations.

…because the strategy gets lost

The majority of my clients are corporations, and the idea of strategy easily translates for them.  But strategy is just as important in social events.  So many details go into planning and executing an event; it is easy to lose sight of the ultimate vision during the planning process.  Or often times there is not a clear purpose to begin with.  My role is to come alongside my clients and help them better define what their goals and dreams are for their event.  Those goals and dreams then become the driving force to clearly and effectively make decisions throughout the planning process.  Whether it is a client appreciation event or a 60th birthday celebration, having clear goals for an event guides me to achieve the best result for my clients while also allowing them to feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire planning process.

…because life is worth celebrating

Too many times I have listened to innovative conversations, incredible ideas, and dreamy musings of birthday parties, anniversaries, or brand launches that are quickly dismissed when the realization of how daunting the amount of work it takes to throw an event really is. The busyness of life takes over and it’s easy to see milestones just pass by.  It is my hope to help create space in my clients' lives to stop and appreciate the value and joy of celebration. Celebration creates a sense of community and belonging that brings people together, and learning to celebrate builds a life of gratitude for what you have been given. I truly believe that life is worth celebrating.  It’s what motivates me to do my job excellently and it excites me while I work in partnership with my clients as we plan their unique celebrations.

I recently was inspired when I came across a the term, "Champagne Moments." This phrase caught my attention not only because of my deep love for all that is Champagne - the elegance, the simplicity, the sound of the cork popping, THE BUBBLES, the color, the glasses, the taste... But most importantly that champagne universally marks something of significance or toast-worthy is occurring. I took the leap to start this career because I believe we should pause and take the time to recognize the “Champagne Moments” in life, no matter how grand or how small, and embrace the importance of celebration.  I am eager to facilitate an event planning experience that is unique, personalized and focused on the details that are most important to my clients. My hope is to share that purpose and value that I find in living a life of celebration.

Photography - Nick Sickelton Photography
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Desserts - Bottega Louie

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