There is something about things being paired that just feels right.  Many pairs are based on things being identical - earrings, gloves, socks (unless you're like me and have a special gift for losing one of the two socks...). In my opinion though, the best pairs are not identical, but rather complementary.  They find in their counterpart exactly what they lack.  Through their pairing they bring out the richness and uniqueness of the other and of themselves, creating a more complete picture.  

Recently, I had the pleasure of coordinating a spectacular corporate event at the Hotel Bel-Air. This event displayed the 'art of pairing' in very practical and also very subtle ways, but together created a complete picture of the what is valued most for the two companies who came together to celebrate a major milestone.

When it came to the design of this event I wanted to create something that felt high-end and luxurious, but also comfortable and relaxing.  Each detail had to express that this was a corporate event and reflect the corporate branding, but still bring the ease of a dinner party with friends.

The venue at Hotel Bel-Air did just that with the elegance and stature of the hotel creating luxury, while their outdoor terrace with lush green walls brought in the ease and peace that comes with being in nature.


The color palette of the linens from La Tavola Fine Lines was light and airy, while the florals from The Hidden Garden Floral and the agate stone name pieces by Seniman Calligraphy brought structure and weight to the table design. 

The balance of the soft ambiance paired with masculine details created both sophistication and simplicity that was the perfect fit for this event.

A more obvious way that this event exemplified the richness of pairing was through the meal.  With the guidance of the amazing sommelier, Peter Meemalayath, my clients enjoyed a thoughtfully planned four course dinner featuring an Italian wine pair with each course.  Peter introduced the glory that is Italian wines and spoke on the history and flavors of each wine before guests enjoyed them.  His enthusiasm and expertise for the wine certainly added to the fun and flavor.  Peter explained how both the food and wine were enhanced in such a way that you wouldn’t want to eat them separate every again!  The balance and pairing of the food and the wine made each one better and truly made this event a one of a kind experience.

Although it would seem obvious to do so, often times pairing accomplishment with celebration doesn’t happen.  I was so excited to work with this particular corporate client who not only understands the power of celebration but values it enough to make it a part of their business model.  For this event, my client was celebrating a major transaction close, which brought two great companies together to mark the occasion and the accomplishment.  Further, my client not only wanted this to be a fun evening with food and wine, they wanted to really “wow” their guests with their appreciation and gratitude.


During the final course of the evening, guests were served port wine to enjoy with their dessert.  To their surprise, their wine was served to them in a Reidle port glass engraved with each guests’ initials by the dynamic duo at Brand Love Promotions.  These glasses made not only a luxurious way to enjoy the final wine of the evening, but also served as a special parting gift.  As guests said their final goodbyes for the evening they were given one final surprise, wooden wine box hand-painted by Seniman Calligraphy in which to safely place their glasses in, and custom dark chocolates featuring both companies’ logos from Los Angeles' own Compartes Chocolate.


This elegant corporate evening was full of surprises, thoughtful custom details and numerous examples of how powerful and meaningful pairing can be. 

Event Coordination: Renee Elise Luxury Events
Venue and Catering: Hotel Bel-Air
Photography: Brittanee Taylor Photography
Sommelier: Peter Meemalayath
Florals: The Hidden Garden Floral 
Linens: La Tavola Fine Lines
Calligraphy: Seniman Calligraphy
Custom Wine Glasses: Brand Love Promotions
Custom Chocolate: Compartes Chocolate

Renee Gibbons