Event Services

Renee Elise Luxury Events creates events that go beyond expectation. Our goal is to create meaningful, personalized, and memorable celebrations, regardless of the occasion.  Corporate, Social, or Non-Profit events all involve goal-oriented strategy, attention to detail, and a passion for celebrating life.


Consumers are no longer satisfied simply with goods and services, even of the finest quality.  today, people want to live experientially.  Companies that learn to adapt to this global shift are able to connect with their clients far beyond the features and benefits of their services, but rather in personal and memorable way.  Your brand is not simply a logo or a tag line, it is the way people feel when they think of you.  Purposefully designed experiences allow you to cement a positive feeling and memory to your brand, leading to long-term relationships, repeat business, and truly authentic referrals.


Life moves at a rapid pace.  But the days and moments that matter to you most deserve to be celebrated and cherished with family and friends.  Renee Elise Luxury Events is passionate about creating memories that will last forever.  Whether it is a wedding of a lifetime, anticipating the arrival of a precious baby, celebrating a birthday, or just enjoying an elegant dinner with close friends, Renee will bring every detail together to make your event a milestone. 


Bringing passionate people together for a common cause will result in progress.  Giving that group an experience that emphasizes the impact of their progress can lead to real change in our world.  Renee allows her non-profit clients to focus on the "why" of their events while she ensures that the "how" and "what" aligns with the mission of the organization.