Renee truly believes that life is worth celebrating, and there is no better way to celebrate life's moments than with those closest to you.  Renee combines her experience in the HOA world with her passion and creative eye for one of a kind events to help create memories specifically for Action communities.  Learn more how Renee partners with Action Property Management to make celebrations in your neighborhoods something you will not soon forget. 



Coming up with a fresh and new idea for a community event can be difficult, and bringing in a professional team to spice it up will make all the difference.  Renee creates themes and events that fit the personality and preferences of your community, bringing families and friends together to make lasting memories.


Knowing what event partners are going to be best for your community event is a challenge unless you have the experience and relationships of planning many events.  Renee will vet, negotiate pricing and manage the communication with all event vendors based on your community's specific needs and vision.  Whether it is an entertainer or a food truck, all vendors that Renee works with are properly licensed and carry professional event insurance.


Not only will Renee and her team support the planning process for your event, they are there to assist in execution of your event's on-site production and help facilitate the event itself.  From the smallest details to the largest, Renee will be sure that your event runs smoothly and that each guest has a great time.