Renee has a knack for creating incredible corporate events that deliver value beyond the actual event. Her attention to detail and imaginative approach blend the mechanical duties of event planning with an artistry that lifts the experience to a higher level. The chaos of planning any corporate event fades when Renee is at the helm, which allows the event to breathe life into a greater purpose.
— M. Holbrook, Corporate CEO
Renee has an uncanny way of capturing the very essence of each of her client’s unique style and vision. She is classy, creative, and a master of detail. She is efficient, poised, professional, and a joy to work with. Special events deserve nothing less than Renee Elise Luxury Events!
— L. Smith, Mother of the Bride
Whether an event is aimed at building team morale, developing opportunities for business growth, or establishing new relationships, Renee’s natural skills and real-life experience are combined to allow an organization to reach beyond the deflating details of planning the event and to reap the benefits of what the event is intended to accomplish.
— G.A. Vagadori, V.P. New Business Development
Renee took an idea to surprise my wife for her 40th birthday and turned it into a memory that we all will never forget. I loved seeing the look on my wife’s face when she entered the party, she couldn’t believe that I had gone to all this trouble for her - the best part was that for me it was no trouble at all. Thanks Renee!
— B. Perry